Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The learning game.....

As we begin the new year, I put my ideas in a notebook and write a proposed study plan for Brid.
She looks over it and most of the time she agrees with what I have put together.
Often I put things together after we have talked extensively about a desire for her to learn this or that.
We came across our first compromise this week. Yes already.
Brid was working on her Science today and she didn't appear to be very enthusiastic, I suggested, why not after she completed the work allocated, research and  write up a report on her list of Animals she wanted to study? Maybe we will make it into a book.
So one happy young lady sped through her work and began her project.
Where to begin? How to set it out?
The scope was endless. I could see that look on her face.
Eventually a couple of hours later a finished product was shown to me.
A report on an animal I had neer heard of that lived in North Africa and was a mammal.
It was kinda cute looking.

Next we have discovered late last year that Maths Online was not going to be funded by a big organisation any longer, so we, the consumer were to pay for the product.
This lead me to really looking at the program. Was it worth the money.
As we began this year, I realised it was mastery in approach. Thats well and good, but how do you keep polisheded in these areas learnt a while ago?
I decided we would be purchasing a product that we could have here and use without needing online resources.
So we are down to 2 programs and I am off checking tham out.  Problem being she is somewhere in the middle of Pre algebra, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.
Decisions. What will I do.
I rang a good friend to lay my dilemma before her. She was busy- Oh I will ring later.
But in the mean time, I saw Brid concentrating really hard on some algebra questions from the 7/8 level.
She was rather slow, and by her body language, I could tell it was overwhelming her.
Ok Leanne step in.. I actually love Algebra, so I was happy to sit and help.
So we started, Lets write the question out, what is it asking, 3(2x-y)- 4(3x+2)+24. I asked her to break down each part of the question. She isn't one for telling you what she is doing along the way, but I stressed it was important. 10 questions later of ones similar and often harder, she really understood the concept.
I loved being there at the moment and working alongside Brid.
The confidence she gained was so rewarding.

So what program have we decided on...its on my sidebar....under book list for 2012 . Oh..I have just realised that was on my other Blog.. So we ordered our new Maths from here.

Today really was a lot of fun.
I start every year with these grand plans and natural learning creeps in... and eventually takes over. Gotta love it..


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