Sunday, 5 February 2012

Its been a really big few weeks in this household.
We began our year parishless. Yes thats right parishless. We have beem travelling around various Parishes in our area attending Mass for a few months now. We ventured back to our old Parish- that was just like sitting in a comfortable lounge chair, but we knew we needed to find one closer.
We went to our 7 day Summer School retreat with Discilpes of Jesus community with one prayer. Please Lord, guide us to our new parish.
We have been in out area for near 2 and half years, but all the time, I was not very connected with the community. I felt like I was in the desert. It just didn't seem to be were God wanted us.  So where did he want us.?
We tried to be part of the community, but we weren't gelling. This was not for a lack of trying.
So we needed the stability of a community, but were.
I shared this with my share group at summer school.
We took it to prayer and Daily Mass.
 During the summer school week we got talking to a Youth leader, who happened to works at a church close by. She started sharing all about the ideas they had, the different age groups that are available and it began to sit well with us. Could this be it..
We were so excited God was beginning to answer our prayers.
We couldn't wait to tell Brid, but Dermot wanted to wait, but I couldn't. I had to share my excitement.
So one afternoon at summer school, We talked to her- she could tell I was excited about something anyway.
Her response was a reserved one, but I knew once she got involved she would be fine.
So we have been to our new church a few times now. A vibrant youth Mass and culture prevailed. We have a new Parsh Priest as our Bishop has shuffled a few Priests around.
So with Youth Groups, week day evening Masses,  a ready made live-in Youth Team, we are ready to commit to a new parish and have a great feeling about it.
Today while I was praying I looked up and smiled. Above the Tabernacle was St Joseph.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus one side, Our Lady on the other.
St Joseph has come up trumps again.
He happens to be everywhere we need to be. He helped find our home and now our Church.
So Brid was very involved with the Mass and the littlies today. She was immediately welcomed and hugged by a few girls she had met at Summer School. They asked her to help and it was exactly what she needed. A community with people her age and ours.

A true Blessing.


  1. I hope you have found a home and church family. It's been a while for us as well, but I trust that God will lead us where he wants us. Blessings, Renelle

  2. Thank you Renelle, for your kind reply. Yes it is hard when you feel you are walking in the wilderness. But we know God is in control and we have asked his for direction, so we feel its right.
    God Bless,

  3. Leanne,

    We all have a need to belong: to our family, our friends, our community, our parish... So glad to hear you have found your parish home.

    God bless!

  4. Oh thanks Sue, Lovely to hear from you. I haven't been very active in blogger of late.
    It is nice to feel excitec about going to Mass.
    Such a Blessing.
    This year is destined to be a good year.

    Hugs Leanne