Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Strewing and Tuesdays

A fellow Blogger Faith, posts her strewing each Tuesday. I like to share our adventures as well from time to time.
Recently Brid asked to play Monopoly. She wanted to play against her Dad. Dermot is very competitive, so this was going to be a challenge. As she set the game up, I explained that Dad plays to win. She didn't seem at all concerned.
We have two versions of Monopoly - the normal London Street and Stations, and the Irish- Dublin Version. We set up the Irish one- of course...
Mum and Dad arrived as they were playing so it haulted the game for a while, but they endeavoured to get back to it.
The game proceded with lots of rule looking up- you see as the baby of the family, we all helped brid, so she didn't need to know the rules as such, she just took it at face value what we said.
I helped as Banker  for a while, but brid did all these jobs, including a wonderful negotiation of property that her Dad needed to mortgage.
He wanted her to take several properties in return for one entire street-  ....!! just as she was about to enter that straight on the board. She negogiated well, and did not give in. Oh ok, I had to tap her under the table. She was getting a little generous with her Dad. BUT from  experience, you don't do that, because he is good at climbing back....
Within half an hour, she had her Dad nicely bankrupted and was very pleased at being the Winner....Dermot had to accept defeat.  It was a fun game and boy was Brid pleased with herself.

Our next Strewing was about health and vitamins. and the pronounination of vitamin- the root word. Well it developed into a discussion and fact finding around cells and the components of a cell, various vitamin deficiencies and lots of lively discussion.Brid has been reading Exploring Creation- With Anatomy and Physiology. Great series. A friend and I swapped Astronomy and this one. It a little textbooky, but Brid really enjoys this series. She uses the book exactly how she wishes too. Often this is just reading, sometimes notebooking, some times drawing.     

Thats our Tuesday Strewsday......


  1. We love learning through games, Leanne. It's so much fun and the children seem to learn better, that way. Monopoly is one of our family's favourites, but it frustrates me too much to play with them. I used to be an economist so, maybe, it's just too hard for me to lose money!

  2. Hi Vicki, Lovely to hear from you. I too find it hard to play these games with the children, but I am jumping through that hurdle...and embracing it...
    Have a wonderful day,