Sunday, 16 October 2011

The joy of ereading....

It arrived. Yay!!! We have been waiting patiently for our e reader. I had several books I was planning to download straight away.
We researched and decided that this one, was the one for us.

There was a pre purchase special so we took the plunge.
There was a little hitch with the delivery company. They were unable to leave it without our being there to sign it, but a lovely neighbour was happy to do this for us.
I excitedly opened it up. My first impression, it was a very small thin piece of techno equipment.
We are slowly getting used to how to download, although I didn't do the best job today. I thought I had lost my first purchase.Oh Dear !! My first purchase was this delightful book to the right.
Dermot had downloaded a few books that are in the Literature for Young Ladies recommendations, so I thought I would be OK. I had watched him. I just missed one step. I will be better
 next time.
We still need to configure the Wifi with our Wireless network, but if we can't thats OK. We have several items sourcing the Wireless router so Dermot & I  are reluctant to change the setting to accommodate this feature. When we have added and changed The router in the past, only to find it difficult to reconnect all the other computers and printers etc.
As soon as we had it all sorted we showed Brid. She found a book and  started reading  The Jungle book-taking it outside and enjoying the story.
She also began drawing a couple of unique drawings for me. It has a touch screen.
So there we have it. Our new electronic reader.


  1. Congratulations and well done. I really have difficulties with all these new techno machines. I bought a new cell-phone which takes photos too! Whenever someone rings me I press the wrong button and take a picture of my ear!

    God bless.

  2. Thanks Victor.. I am still learning how to sync...but getting better.
    I have a new phone and at times I press wrong buttons as well, but I haven't taken a photo of my ear yet..
    Thank you for dropping by..God Bless Leanne