Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Girls Retreat..

It was quite a weekend..
We were send out an invitation to this weekend some time ago. It was just what we have been looking for. Teens 13 to 18 were called to a weekend of their journey through teenage hood.
The weekend arrived. There were 9 girls and 2 mums to stay at a homeschool mums home.
She wasn't able to be present, but she felt committed and comfortable to leave us the hospitality of her home. Thank you so much.  Her Son stayed to help us, as we needed.
We arrived a little late, thanks to the long weekend traffic. But Thanks to God we arrived safely.
Now reality check. 9 girls all in the same room. !!! oh my, I was taken aback- me the control freak..
'Ok Leanne its Ok', I said to myself.  I would leave that worry for another time.
There were people to meet and say hello to.
We had the Religious Sisters of Mercy already and waiting for us to arrive. Mums from Homeschool camp to say hello to and a quick catch up with the ones I knew.
The Sisters shared a meal with us all, and took the Girls straight into the comfy loungeroom to watch Little Women. The girls were asked to reflect on this in there lives. They were asked to observe silence and enjoy a good nights rest. .....
Well, I must say, the sleep and rest didn't happen.
the girls were very excited. Some of them don't see each other for many months. So it was a time to come together as young women, but as friends and have a special weekend together.
It also happened to be the weekend of St Therese's feast day, so she was especially central in Brids and my day.
The girls were up very early, leaving lots of time to get them ready for the day. I made sure they were ready, so Sarah could take the girls early to the Sisters residence by train. We were up so early we had mostly prepared the evening meal, so I was left to finish as much as I could.
I myself went off to meet up with friends for the day. But beforehand, I found a lovely church close to were we were staying to begin celebrating St Therese of Liseux and her feast. I was delighted to find that Adoration and Benediction were offered after Mass. What a way to begin my day.
I prayed for the girls and the Sisters. I hoped they were having an inspiring and lovely day together.
My day was filled with news from a family I only see at homeschool camp. It was a great day, ending all too soon.
On arrival  'home', I chatted and waited for the girls to arrive as we completed the cooking of our meal. The girls arrived with many wonderful stories. They celebrated Mass on arrival, were able to attend Confession, Adoration and Benediction were offered later in the day. So Talks, meals, games so much to fit in, and the girls were not shy to tell us about there day. I asked them as we ate our evening meal together to share one thing each they enjoyed.
that photography course came in handy
After dinner the decision was unanimous, Everafter- the movie. There was a lovely atmosphere that evening as each of the girls settled in to watch and explain parts of the movie that way not have been understood by others.
All to son it was bedtime,  and the clocks were due to change to Daylight saving time. Therefore, 1 less hours sleep. We explained this to the girls. 'oh no'..they said. They hurried to get organised and into bed. This time they slept much better, awaking early again, as we had another day with the Sisters planned. This time we were to take them in by car. All the girls gear had to be fitted into our 2 cars. Joy oh Joy, that was  a challenge, but achievable. Did I tell you it was Raining- not sprinkling but raining..It was a 25 min trip, and I was following Sarahs' Husband this time. I was unfamiliar with the roads, but we managed to follow with no wrong turns. yah!!
This time we were able to attend Mass with the girls at the Church next door to the Convent. Beautiful Mass and a Priest so reverent to The Eucharist.
We had been invited to lunch, so Sarah and her husband there little children and myself occupied ourselves drinking coffee and chatting in a coffee shop until the hour arrived.
All the girls at the Sisters

It was a very Blessed weekend. The girls really enjoyed there time together and with the Sisters. They will remember this weekend for a very long time. Thank you so much Sr Moira and your Sisters.



  1. Yes Mum,
    very very fun!
    but you didn't say that we were singing Tay;o swift and Do-re-mi!!!
    love Brid xox

    also cann I email Monica and some of the girls and link this blog/post?
    Brid xox

  2. Leanne, what great photos of all the beautiful girls and the Sisters! I guess you hope to repeat the retreat again next year. Maybe it will become an annual event.

  3. It was a great weekend for the girls, although it took me some days to recover from hardly any sleep on the Friday night.
    I think it would be wonderful to repeat the retreat next year.
    Maybe your girls may feel called next year.
    Love Leanne

  4. Sara, yes you can link the post.
    Love mum xxx

  5. Whoever said that homeschoolers miss out on socialization?! It looks like you and Brid have a lot of fun, together, Leanne:)

  6. Thanks Vicki,
    Lots of social time...and good fun social time..and Yes Brid had a lot of fun.
    Thanks for dropping by..