Monday, 8 October 2012

My favourite Italian city

A beautiful serene town  sat up on a mountain was our next stop. A 4 hour drive north from Sorrento.  So much too say so I will just leave you a photo or 2 or 3 or .....
Our first glance of Assisi- yeah hope dermot loves it as much as me...

Sunsets are so beautiful here

Brid at sunset in Santa Chiara piazza

the Portiuncola inside the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli

a view from the valley of Santa Francesco Basilica

Brid outside San Damiono - where St Chiara lived.

The inside Garden. This is where St Chiara- or as we call her St Clare until her death

Dermot and I just loving the view and the Spirituality of this city

St Chiara at the Basilica of St Chiara

Dermot was determined to get to this little church called San Stefano- it was a very long complicated treck up many many stairs and steep roads within the Assisi.

He had to have a photo outside. We got to the church 10 minutes before closing time. Just in time. Thank You Lord

Our last night looking down on the valley at sunset...again....beautiful view with
 lovely company and meal

Dermot and Brid both loved Assisi. We stayed in a monastery of San Collette. A companion of St Chiara. We drove through the street of Assisi to get to our accomodation. A bit scary. I couldn't believe the pathways !! that we needed to negotiate to get us there.


  1. Beautiful photos, Leanne! Are St. Chiara and St. Clare the same people? I didn't know that her body was incorrupt. It must have been awesome to see all this in person!

    God bless, Leanne:-)

    1. Hi vicki, Yes they are the same person. Yes Chiara is Italian for Clare. Why do we call her Clare I have no Idea, But CHiara is such a pretty name.
      It was pretty awesome. But what made it more special was sharing it with my family.
      God Bless