Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A science day...or ...two

Today instead of being on holidays Brid began her school work...well only Science really. Everything else is on track...She worked very hard last term to be in that position.
She has not been looking forward to it as she thought it maybe very hard...Maths, numbers , science mixed together = hard to Brid.
It was all she needed to do. So she nuckled in today and began, and nearly completed a whole module. She not only enjoyed it but Dermot and her had a lot of fun discusing various questions.
It gave her enormous confidence, so much so that she sped through and has only a module test to do tomorrow.
It was just lovely seeing and hearing her face and her voice as she gained more and more confidence until finally, "Mum I have finished the study questions". Wow. Well done honey..

Why did I ask her to do this module in the holidays? We missed 3 and a bit weeks of school last term. That was OK, but she has 3 dance/ ballet concerts to rehearse for, so I thought the less subjects she has to do the better.
It also will be lovely to have December free so we can enjoy Advent the build up to Christmas.
Now to put on paper the things we will do throughout Advent. !!!!!


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