Wednesday, 30 May 2012

This last couple of weeks...

Does life sometimes just seem a blur?? This is true for me at times. Does school and home life just merge into one? It has for us.
Brid is working very hard for her Ballet exams in July. We have been Blessed with the opportunity for Brid to do her exam early. The school exam dates were pencilled in for September,  this was not an option for Brid - due to prior committment,but our lovely teachers asked the ACB board if it was  possible for  Brids' exam to be scheduled earlier.
All her other studies are going well. I asked Brid if she would like to do a unit study. She chose Edith Stein. This meant delving deeper into WWII. Its been a very interesting study and Brid has embraced it well. She wanted to understand the Nazi occupation of countries and how it affected her chosen countries.  Belgium and Holland are her chosen countries. It will be interesting to see how she undertakes this study.
Its been a time of intense learning of the Nazi rule and the plight of Jews and anyone not German in that day and age. Lots of reading and looking information up on the internet, researching in books and immersing herself in this important time in modern history.


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