Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A special phone call....

Today, I heard unexpectingly, from a very special friend. She has been away in Europe and the States for around 8 weeks. I was just doing my daily chores when the phone rang...
"Hi its ........, couldn't wait to see you, just had to call, we are on the freeway......",  I was delighted, someone thought of me and my family that much that they call us on there mobile on there way home in the car after a long flight from the US. !!!!!!!!!
Once, I got over that, we just chatted, so much to catch up with, so much has changed in 8 weeks. Brid spoke with her daughter while her hubbie drove them closer to home......Wow...Smiles and excitement all round.
Still can't wait to see them.

You see God put us together. We met some years ago, when Brid was invited to attend the art classes held in her studio.  We share similar interests, our daughter are good friends-they both Love Ballet and go to the same Ballet School. We use similar homeschool products and often get the girls together for joint lessons.
I have missed them so very much, and I didn't really realise, how much until today. So we will catch up as soon as we can. That will be a great meeting with so much to share with each other.....

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