Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Our little Star...

Its been a while since I wrote a post.
We have been so busy with end of year things, Ballet concerts rehearsals.
Our business has been keeping Dermot busy, so a lot of the house and yard work has fallen back onto me. Thats how marriage works.
Last weekend Brid danced in her end of year concert for her local Dance school.
We discussed the night before amongst ourselves, when we would have to leave, how long it would take for make up and hair to be done. It made for a smooth transition.
So after a nice sleep in, we got into action. We needed 1 hour to drive to the venue. 1 hour to do hair and makeup, so that we were not rushed.
So after showers and having Brids' costumes and assessories at the door, we went to work with putting her hair in a nice full bun, with the sides of her hair twisted back into the bun. We always part her hair on the side, so her hairline looks softer around her face. The twists just add something different and a little interest to her hairline.
our stage makeup
Then its stage makeup. We have learnt over the years to apply liquid andt hen powdered foundation in matt, not gloss. We also adapt our colours to Brids' skin type. She is rather fair, so there is no point putting red lipstick on her lips, or a harsh blush on her cheekline. It just looks terrible. I use a mixture of a pink and a brown, and it really sets her eyes off.
note the twist in her hair and the eyeliner under her eyes
This year we experimented with eye makeup. We used browns with white as the base and brown in the crease, smoothed over with a lighter brown. We use a liquid eyeliner on the eyelid and a pencil eyeliner about 1 mm underneath the eye. It makes her eyes stand out and there is no tears with applying eyeliners like in previous years.
We learnt a trick with mascara, Using a plastic teaspoon as a guide, you apply the mascara and the teaspoon is painted as instead of droping onto her face.
So that all done we were ready to grab drink bottles and food for backstage, her costumes and of we went.
Her classical Ballet costume
An hours drive took us to the venue and arrived in plenty of time for Brid to settle in and get her costumes ready.
She was beautiful and we couldn't have more proud of her.
Mum Dad Dermot And myself sat in the audience waiting for Brids dances. It was lovely. All those weeks of practice, all those classes at her new ballet school made all the difference. Brid you just a star. Our star..

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